Gabrielle Kirkland

Gabrielle Kirkland has nearly two decades of working with and for California’s agricultural community in marketing and advocacy roles. She works as a Business Development & Distribution Director for CopperPoint California – a leading workers’ compensation carrier. Gabrielle has a passion for sustainability in the agricultural community, and ag employees are one of the most important factors in this situation. At this time, Gabrielle believes it is critically important that our community increase its efforts to create and implement solutions to the issues that ag employees encounter – such as housing, healthcare, education and more. Gabrielle has worked for the past 10 years in the insurance carrier space where she has had the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the employer-employee relationship among ag businesses. Prior to working in insurance, Gabrielle worked with stone fruit and table grape grower-packers as the Director of Membership for the California Fresh Fruit Association. Gabrielle is a California native, raised in Sanger. She graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Journalism. After graduating she worked as a staff writer for a community newspaper where she was able to learn about ag land and the people who worked the land. In 2014, Gabrielle earned a MBA in Ag Business from Fresno State. Gabrielle lives in Clovis, and has two children – an adult daughter and teenage son. 

Photo of Gabrielle Kirkland