Luis Katsurayama

Operations Coordinator/Food Safety Mgr. at Jasmine Vineyards, Inc. 

Luis is currently the operations coordinator for Jasmine Vineyards Inc. out of Delano California where he supervises vineyard safety/Food Safety and manages the post-harvest operations. He is involved in export/sales and logistics as well. Luis has been with Jasmine Vineyards since May 2015.

Luis comes from a farming family, born in Yuma Arizona where he attended high school and the local community college (AWC). He was raised on both sides of the border working for the family business during his time off school. 

Luis has served as a board member of the California farmworker foundation with great pride since 2016. He has helped form and develop the foundation so it can reach as many farmworkers as possible in a manner that ultimately helps improve the lives of the farmworkers and their families.