Our Approach

Our approach is unique. We create meaningful partnerships with Agriculture Companies via our Ambassador Program to address the needs of their employees which allows us to invest strategically into programs and services that are of interest to Farmworkers and their families.

Building Better Futures

Our number one priority at California Farmworker Foundation is Building Better Futures for our farmworker communities, through truly listening to their needs. We do this through our questionnaire and assessment that helps us use the analytics and data to create strategies and programs for our farmworkers.

The following programs have been developed based on the assessment of our 5 Pillars; these programs will enable us to build healthy and sustainable Farmworker communities throughout California. We continue to partner with public, private, and government sectors for the betterment of our farmworkers.






About Our Ambassador Programs

Our Ambassador Program is critical to the success of delivering programs and services for our farmworkers. Our Ambassadors are the link to our farmworkers, promoting CFF programs, projects, and activities. We were able to utilize our Ambassadors to create farmworker focus groups to address COVID-19 during the pandemic. The key takeaways and learnings enabled us to address their biggest concerns:

  • Food Insecurities
  • Provide COVID-19 Testing
  • Provide COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Rent / Bill Relief
  • Virtual Medical Consultations

We continually invest in the training and development of our Ambassadors. We will continue to expand our Ambassador program as we grow throughout the state.

Our Ambassadors


“CFF has been a valuable asset to our company and community. Not only did they assist during difficult and challenging times, they provided the tools and resources like vaccinations, COVID testing, and onsite food distributions to ensure the needs of our staff and farmworkers were met.”

Ambassador 2

“California Farmworker Foundation has given me the opportunity to become a resource in my community and a voice for my organization. Their support and resources have allowed us to provide our labor force with medical services (vaccine drive) and food distributions. I believe in putting the needs of others before our own, and practicing servant leadership. Thank you CFF for allowing me the opportunity to serve my people and be a part of such an incredible organization.”

Ambassador 3

“As a business with a strong sustainability mindset, our partnership with CFF has been invaluable in supporting and giving back our most valuable resource: our people. Thanks to our partnership with CFF, we were not only able to give back to the community, but we were able to help shine a light on a community that is severely underserved. Much like water, the human capital of the farmworker community is the lifeblood of California agriculture. We look forward to our continued partnership as we find more ways to better serve the farmworker community.”

Ambassador 1