Call Center TEAM

Brian Martinez

Call Center Specialist

Coming from a family that works in the agriculture industry and listening to their conversation after coming home from work, I can truly say I am thankful to work for CFF, a non-profit organization whose focus is to help farm workers. The different resources we have to offer that most of the community isn’t aware of is something I am happy to be able to help with, even by answering a simple question or providing them with the information. Having the opportunity to work for the call center has taught me a lot from the community and I hope CFF can stick around for many more years, it has been a huge help to farmworkers who have been facing hardship during this Pandemic. 


  • Movies: 47 Meters Down, Wicked little things 
  • Tv Shows: Dynasty, Riverdale, The magicians 
  • Candy: Smart sweets, Dove chocolate
Call Center Specialist Brian Martinez