Tulare TEAM

Daity Tapia

Outreach Specialist

Being raised by a single mother that struggled all her life my siblings and I were taught what it was like to work extremely hard for what we want. All her life she had worked as a farmworker to provide the bare necessities for us. My mother never had the privilege of going to school or having a family to lean on in hard times. Instead, she showed us the values of family and that we never needed anyone besides our hardworking mom. We never had the nicest things, but we knew our mom had got us what we had with long and hard hours out in the sun or rain. Even though she did not have the nicest life she always taught us to give back because our position could have been worse. After many years of working in the fields, my mom had built strong relationships with coworkers. I remember having everyone over on Sundays for a carne asada. When I came to CFF I realized that when I was out in the fields to distribute or talk to farmworkers, these people were the same ones at my house on Sundays when I was small. I always think, “this is my mom and her friends I am helping when I’m here.” Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing and hearing how grateful these individuals are when talking to them. Just like my mom, they all have a unique and inspiring story. My favorite story will always be my mom’s. 

Educational wise my goal is to be a lawyer. I want to practice either immigration or criminal law. I am working on getting a bachelor’s degree in communication then applying for law school. 


  • Movies- The Hate You Give, Aladdin 
  • TV Shows- Criminal Minds, Lucifer 
  • Songs- Forever After All Luke Combs, Suena Intocable
  • Food- Enchiladas, Pasta, Burgers
  • Candy- Almond Hershey’s & all Mexican candy
Daity Tapia