Outreach Coordinator TEAM

Jose Flores

Outreach Coordinator

My name is Jose Flores, and I was born and raised in the Central Valley. I come from parents who immigrated to the United States from Mexico with their goal in mind to give us a chance at the American Dream. My upbringing and development were heavily influenced by the hard-working ethic my parents have. They sacrificed their future and personal development and chose the path of being a farmworker in the Central Valley. Their work ethic transitioned into my experiences doing farm work labor, and my efforts in school. Their sacrifice pushed me to pursue an education that would elevate myself and my future family. I am a first-generation college graduate from the University of California Santa Cruz with a bachelor’s degree in History with an emphasis in the Americas and Africa. I chose CFF, because I believe in their mission to improve the life of farmworkers and their families in the state of California. Our communities deserve to have the opportunity and resources for a comfortable life. It is my responsibility to give back to the community that raised me, and become a beacon of hope. 

Photo of Jose Flores