Liliann Rivera

Call Center Specialist

1) What inspired me to work for CFF is their commitment to put farmworkers safety first. Coming from a family whose roots are in farm work, that was very personal to me. Knowing all the resources that are now available to agriculture workers has been very eye opening. I didn’t have the knowledge I have now and I’m able to inform people properly and help spread the word.

2) My job is to make sure all applications that come to my desk have everything they need to get approved for assistance. I also help at food drives, covid-19 test sites and anything else the foundation needs and extra hand in. I’m always happy to help.

3) I’m currently attending college. The first in my family to do so. I’m studying criminal Justice so I can know my rights and help farmworkers/people who don’t know theirs.

4) My favorite song would have to be “I lava you” on Disney plus. Favorite candy are red vines. Favorite movie would be Deadpool 2. Favorite food would have to be Mexican food. You just can’t go wrong with Mexican food.

Call Center Specialist Liliann Rivera