Central Valley TEAM

Maria Ibarra

My name is Maria Ibarra and I have been with California Farmworker Foundation for over two years now. I absolutely love serving the Farmworker. My mom being a Farmworker began to take us to the fields during the weekends, winter, and summer breaks. I worked in the fields on and off throughout my life and its hard work. Now that I work for an organization that gives me the opportunity to give back to the same Farmworker that watched me grow up working in the fields, there are no words to express my feelings of joy. Being able to work alongside everyone at CFF to brings resources to the fields such as: PPE, COVID-19 testing, and vaccinations. Really thinking outside the box and finding other paths to take when one closes on us makes me so proud to work at CFF be able to provide the services at no cost to the Farmworker.

Photo of Maria Ibarra