Nayeli Heredia

Outreach Specialist

  1. Coming from a farm working household in which I learn of hard work and strength, I also experience the struggles and little knowledge my parents had on their working rights along with medical and food resources. After learning of the Resources and Programs the Foundation offered to the farm working community, which inspired me to become part of the team to do more to educate and inform our community on resources they are not knowledgeable of. Especially during this pandemic.
  2. I came on board as Hotline specialist in the call center and now working as an Outreach Specialist, where I Have the opportunity to deliver the information, as well as meeting with growers. Talking directly with the community and learning of other concerns they may have.
  3. I graduated from CSUB with a BA in Sociology. While going to college I join the United Now for Immigrant Rights (UNIR) club where we participated in Rallies and protests against Immigration injustice and also strived for a resource center for DACA students on campus. After graduation I had the opportunity to work for Child Protective Services in Kern County as an Extra-Help Human Services Aide. Not currently going to school but I’m in the process of getting into a master’s Program to obtain my Master’s in Legal studies.
  4. On my free time I like to work out, do yoga and also go hiking.
  5. Favorite Movies: 
    1. Shrek (in Spanish), Nacho Libre, Mean Girls
  6. Tv Shows:
    1. The Handmaids Tale
    2. Big Bang Theory
    3. The office 
  7. Favorite songs:
    1. Any Selena song
    2. Tennessee Whiskey By Chris Stapleton
    3. Put your head on My shoulder by Paul Anka
  8. Food:
    1. Italian food & Sea Food
  9. Candy:
    1. Chocolate