Call Center TEAM

Ruth Ferreyra

Call Center Lead

  1. CFF has made me realize that there are many resources available to farmworkers. It inspires me to want to do more for my community whether that be donating necessities or informing others of the many programs available and to never be afraid to ask questions. 
  2. I work at the call center at CFF. We specialize in addressing any questions farmworkers have regarding covid and the underlying issues it has caused them to face in the workplace. We also provide resources that can help farmworkers during hardships they may be facing due to loss of wages if they were positive with covid-19.
  3. I am currently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology at Sonoma State University. I plan to pursue a career in Pediatric Oncology and to come back and serve my community since there is a lack of medical providers in the central valley.
  4. Favorites
    • Favorite Movies: The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Croods
    • Favorite TV Shows: Sons of Anarchy and Shameless
    • Favorite Food: Lasagna 
    • Favorite Candy: Peanut M&Ms
Ruth Ferreyra