Outreach Coordinator TEAM

Valeria Virgen

Outreach Coordinator

I grew up in Oxnard, a small city in Ventura County full of culture, diversity and fields. My family and I value our Hispanic heritage, our community ties, and strong work ethic. As a first-generation college student, who has had to witness the financial hardships her family has had to overcome, it feels really incredible to be part of a foundation that is dedicated to bettering the lives of farmworkers. I am currently a senior at California State University, Fresno majoring in Sociology. I plan on pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration and seeking a career where I will be able to make positive changes in my community. I am vested in giving back to the farmworker community because they do so much for our society, and it’s time their voices are heard and their needs are meant.  

Photo of Valeria Virgen