Yanelie Ponce

Outreach Specialist

1. Why CFF?: Growing up in the Central Valley and working alongside my parents in the fields has contributed to my presence here at CFF. This foundation, alongside many contributors and its employees, work diligently to provide access to food, health, immigration and more importantly, Covid-19 resources. Every day, the foundation finds new ways to elevate the life of Farmworkers in order to ensure those who are essential, are provided with the necessities needed and resources to live without insecurities. Watching my parents work tirelessly in the fields to provide food on our table fueled a fire in me. I wanted to assist in the development of new programs and resources to provide for such hard-working people. That is when I found my place with the foundation. 

2. Position: My position in the foundation is to serve as the Program Specialist. My focus is to elevate social media content on all platforms including Instagram and Facebook, provide updated information about our programs and resources to audiences to increase insight and website traffic, provide visionary information, and finally provide monthly updates to our Donors about the progress we make. I also have the privilege of providing personalized notes to all supporters throughout the month to remind them how important they are to our foundation and team. I also work diligently alongside my co-workers to provide several services such as Covid-19 Testing and Covid-19 Vaccinations to farmworkers. 

3. Education: In 2018, I graduated with my B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Liberal Studies. In May of 2021, I will be completing my Masters (M.A.) Degree in Communication, Critical Pedagogy. With this degree, I hope to rigorously challenge the minds of many first-generation college students as they begin their college career. 

4. Favorites: 

  • Favorite Movies: 50 First Dates 
  • Favorite TV Shows: Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy 
  • Favorite Songs: Northern Wind by City and Colour 
  • Favorite Food: Pasta, Sushi, Wings, Mashed Potatoes 
  • Favorite Candy: Almond Chocolates, Reese’s Cups 
Yanelie Ponce