“We sacrifice our future to give a better future to our children in this country. We never had the opportunity to continue our studies in Mexico, so we do everything we can so that our children can continue their studies in this country. I think our efforts are paying off, we now have 2 kids who graduated from college, and one that is a sophomore in college. The day the youngest one graduates from college is the day we are going to celebrate because he was the one that we were most worried about. But thanks to the Wonderful College Prep Academy, my son is expected to graduate in 3 years from CSUB.”


“I like to give myself goals in life, and one of my goals in life is to become a truck driver. As of now, that goal is on hold until I turn 23 years old so my truck insurance won’t be too high. Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be a truck driver. I have always enjoyed learning about trucks, and one day, I hope to drive one for a living. Lately, I been hearing a lot of people say that by the time I am 23 years old, that robots are going to driving trucks. They say the future doesn’t look good for truck drivers, that robots are going to take away their jobs. I don’t plan on letting those people change my goal in life because the same people that talk about robots and technology are also the same people that said that table grapes are going to be harvested by a robot. I don’t see it happening, I don’t see any robots here, and I don’t think a robot can do what me and my co-workers are doing out here every day.