What we do

We believe in helping Farmworkers become leaders, empowering individuals to become advocates for themselves and their communities.

central valley pruning contest

CFF held its 1st Annual Central Valley Pruning Contest in Delano, California. Central Valley farmworkers had the opportunity to showcase their pruning skills and earn the title of “champion” during the 1st Annual Central Valley Pruning Contest

Bakersfield College in the Vinyards

The 4-day event took place in Kern County to share what college opportunities are available to farm workers and their families. Follow up community events were held in Arvin and Delano to provide on-site college registration for those who were ready to enroll in Bakersfield College.

featured events

dia de la familia arvin

The California Farmworkers Foundation held their first annual Dia de la Familia in order to celebrate one of the backbones of the Arvin community, farmworkers. The event celebrated farmworkers and their families with entertainment, food, music and multiple local organizations providing information to the families. “We feel like they're the most hardworking individuals in America. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have food on our table,” Hernan Hernandez, the executive director of the California Farmworkers Foundation, said.

Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity rates continue to be on the rise in California. Farm-working communities are not immune to such dilemma, that's why we have joined forces with local food banks to distribute healthy food to Farmworkers in their communities and their worksites, via our Food Distribution in the Fields Program with food coming from as far as Yuma, Arizona. We give the food to Food Banks so they can continue to distribute the food throughout the Central Valley and continue to exceed

New Generation Program

Last year, CFF started a program to help the #NewGeneration of students whose parents work in the fields and who seek employment in agriculture after graduating from college or a university. The program aims to help the #NewGeneration of students look for work as well as providing internships where they can strengthen their abilities to improve their quality of life and facilitate their insertion in the workplace.

Women Empowerment

“CFF continues to invest in empowering women Farmworkers by providing women and their children with the opportunities to enroll in free self-defense classes throughout the Central Valley. CFF's Self Defense Program provides women with an arsenal of physical and mental strategies to prepare them to defend themselves and their loved ones.”

zumba classes

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