Our organization prides itself on its ability to provide substantial solutions for our members. Through the resources we provide, farmworkers are able to get the support they need and grow into leaders within our communities. Below, hear true stories about the positive impact of the California Farmworkers Foundation from our ambassadors and farmers.

Alma Morena

“CFF gave me the confidence and resources to put an end to years of suffering from domestic violence. Growing up in a Mexican household, I was always told that physical and mental abuse was part of the culture. My family and friends told me to accept my future so my children can grow up with a father. During the pandemic, the abuse became worse to the point of threatening my life. Thanks to CFF, I am now a free independent moment that is looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.”

Strathmore Food Distribution

“The importance of this event was to give back to those who have not stop providing for our table.”

Pinole Valley High School

“…I knew that farmworkers work all day and all night, hours and hours, in extreme heat or cold and I just wanted to help out and give out.”

Muevete Folklórico

“We wanted to spread awareness to the dedicated farmworkers. We were able to bring a little light during harsh times, from one community to another.”