What We Do

Investing in Farmworker research initiatives
has allowed us to solve real-life problems affecting Farmworkers.

Data Driven

We continue to invest in Farmworkers via data-driven initiatives, which allows us to develop programs by Farmworkers and for Farmworkers.

Promoting education and wellness continues to be one of our leading initiatives in farm-working communities.

Our Services


Each year, we continue to develop educational programs where Farmworkers can strengthen their knowledge and skills. Increasing access to much-needed resources is also at the forefront of our education initiatives. Utilizing

Professional Development

Our Professional Development Program consists of specialized training and education courses that help improve farmworkers' effectiveness in the workplace.

Personal Development

Our Personal Development Program focuses on classes and activities that help nurture personal growth. This program is focused on courses that allow farmworkers to improve their self-awareness and work towards achieving talents and skills that will aid each individual in enhancing themselves.


Immigration and Citizenship

Our Immigration and Citizenship Program has been designed to offer farmworkers courses that offer information on Immigration and Citizenship.

Health and Wellness

Combination of workshops and physical activities that focus on providing information on how to live a healthy lifestyle.