Corona Virus Resources

CFF, in partnership with agricultural companies and healthcare organizations throughout the State of California, has announced the following social and public healthinitiativesfor Farmworkers:


•Increase food distributions to combat food insecurity in farm-working communities.

•Provide virtual medical consultations for Farmworkers who suffer from chronic diseases and respiratory illnesses.

•Open a Coronavirus hotline for Farmworkers to provide information and support

.•Develop and distribute educational materials on Coronavirus at Farmworker worksites and communities.

•Survey Farmworkers on the Impacts of Coronavirus to implement public health campaigns in Farmworker worksites and communities.

•Partner with agricultural companies throughout California to provide on-site education and awareness of Coronavirus.

California Farmworkers

Our Mission

To serve and support California farmworkers by providing programs and services to better their quality of life. We believe in helping farmworkers become leaders.


Farmworkers Reached

all over the state


CFF is the only organization of its kind that utilizes farm worker data to determine which services are most needed in a given community.


We continue to develop educational programs where farmworkers can streghthen their knowledge and skills.

Women Empowerment

Empowering women throughout California.


Increasing access to much-needed resources is also at the forefront of our mission.


Collecting data helps us invest
strategically into programs and services
that are of interest to Farmworkers and their families