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Building a Better Future for our Farmworker Community

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Our Mission

To serve and support California Farmworkers by providing programs and services to better their quality of life.


We believe in helping Farmworkers become leaders, empowering individuals to become advocates for themselves and their communities.


The California Farmworker Foundation, also known as CFF, was formed to offer and create opportunities that would enable Farmworkers that reside in California to develop personal and professional skills. We have five areas in which we model our services: Education, Health & Wellness, Workforce Development, Immigration Services, and Community Engagement.




CFF gave me the confidence and resources to put an end to years of suffering from domestic violence. Growing up in a Mexican household, I was always told that physical and mental abuse was part of the culture. My family and friends told me to accept my future so my children can grow up with a father. During the pandemic, the abuse became worse to the point of threatening my life. Thanks to CFF, I am now a free independent moment that is looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.

Alma - A farmworker wearing a green hooded jacket and several layers of scarves and face masks. Only her eyes can be seen.


As a Farmworker, I never thought I had a voice to express my concerns at work or my household. I never understood my rights at work and in my household. CFF has allowed me grow personally and professionally by providing the necessary support so I can advocate for myself, my family, and community. My involvement with CFF has allowed me to discover a voice I thought I never had or was too afraid to bring to light.

Silvia - A farmworker wearing a tan hat and a red bandanna and scarf. Silvia has very soft brown eyes.


Work was slow during the beginning of the pandemic, and I wasn't working enough hours to pay my rent. At one point, I was told I had two days to leave my home because the landlord said I was behind rent for three months. I called CFF, and they informed me of my housing rights, which prevented me from being homeless. I am also thankful for the funds I received through their Farmworker rent relief fund.

Margarita - A farmworker with a black hooded jacket, white hat, heart-patterned bandanna, and a kind smile.


The mobile health clinic stopped showing up to my community after the State issued a shelter in place order. I lost access to my primary care doctor because I depended on the mobile unit for my immediate medical needs. I am very thankful to CFF's Virtual Health Clinic for providing access to free healthcare during a time when I needed it.

Karina - a farmworker wearing a straw hat with a grey bandanna over their face and a green harness holding a bucket of blueberries.


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