CFF Distributes $6.1 Million Dollars to Farmworkers

CFF staff diligently and relentlessly worked to ensure that more than 9,000 farmworkers were able to access a $600 stipend offered through the USDA Food Worker Relief program. It was all hands-on deck the last five months to register farmworkers for the funding. CFF collaborated with United Ways of California to set up registration and distribution events in Fresno, Madera and Santa Barbara counties. Funds were meant to reimburse individuals for the added costs that were incurred from working during the COVID-19 pandemic. CFF was able to offer direct access to the funds at the worksite because of the meaningful relationships with agricultural employers and industry partners.

Together, CFF, United Ways of Fresno/Madera, and Santa Maria held in-person events in the fields, packing houses, storage facilities, and office locations to arrange for farmworkers to begin applying for their funds. In Fresno and Madera counties, CFF staff registered 5,500 farmworkers, which totaled more than $3.3M to farmworkers. CFF registered 4,800 farmworkers in Santa Barbara County for $2.8M in funds distributed in Santa Maria Valley. In total, more than $6.1M.

“As a farmworker foundation, we take pride in being able to work with local partners such as United Ways of California to help bring much-needed funds and resources to farmworkers,” said Darrell Muniz, Chief Operating Officer/Interim Executive Director. “During a time of uncertainty and hardship, the relief funds were much needed to pay rent, food, bills and necessities.”

CFF thanks the United Ways of California – both offices in Fresno/Madera, and Santa Maria – in collaborating to serve our farmworkers and communities. Together, this effort provided vital assistance to the farm-working communities and families.